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Double Dip

18 SGD

2 halves make a whole. :) 

These lovely scallop-shape earrings hang down vertically. It's like they are listening to you.  

Size: Approximately 2 cm or 0.8 in in length. 

We only have 1! (They flew in from a foreign land.)

These stud earrings come with a metal alloy backing which may contain nickel. If you're allergic, this might help. 

Where days daydream.

Where staring at clouds and raindrops brings forth showers of big & boldly-coloured handmade necklaces and brooches. And sometimes something extra from a faraway land.

Shupg is a Singapore-based locally-designed and handmade jewelry and accessories brand which started out in 2007 from the corner of a room. We are small and quiet. But we like things big, funny and bold.

We blog at shupg.com.